ariana sexton-hughes

…there are these moments

these little, tiny moments
when, again my strength is tested

when, again my resolve is forcibly entrusted

with ever greater need
to rise above and beyond what I believe I can exceed.

and in these tiny, little moments,

i can choose to stand firm and tall and strong
and fight all that I know is wrong…

i can cower in the corner
and glower
at those who deign to hurt me…

I can tower above the pain
and grow beyond the hurt and anger and shame…
and be the better of those i hate
…and be the wonder of a world, which knows less of love and care…

and more of blame and hate and greed….

And, i can choose to feed my strength

to become ever stronger
and better than the best of all…


i can chose to triumph over all who deigned
to harm me
to hurt me
to daily taunt me
…and starve me and wound me
and worst of all
to drive me to the point of pain so great
that all i endeavor to do is to cry and shriek
and starve and bleed…

it is in these very tiny moments…
i shall choose to live larger than life
to shine brighter than the brightest lights
to survive
most of all to…
to endure
to outlast their last gasps of rage and hate and…
more than most of all
to breathe strong with ever greater hope and joy and love
with true zeal and zest for light and love and…


in these tiny little moments
these moments of true and total strength
i shall choose
to be alive
i shall choose
to be
in love

july 22, 2012 at 2:54pm

© 2012-2021 by ariana sexton-hughes

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noto bene:

recited by the self identified extraterrestrial homosapien the first day of electro-convulsive therapy in hospital.

Monday 19th of November 2012.

a magical reading, her brilliance shines through every frame.
with love,

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