ariana sexton-hughes

i write to heal

the dining hall moment

i hate my roommate. she’s too f*cking healthy. hate her. i hate to look at her. i hate her voice. she’s like “omg, did you see those pink uggs? aren’t they soooo hype?” uggggg. but, i need to be polite. so, we go to the dining hall. it’s modern and

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the swimtest

the swimming test freaks me out. i don’t want to put on a bathing suit and show myself in public up here.

most of these girls are built like my roommate. they aren’t “fat,” they’re “athletic.”

i don’t think they want to wear swimsuits, either.

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the dance studio girls

i am home for christmas break. my first stop is a real ballet class.

steps is a zoo.

its not like SAB or BAE. or the JKO School at ABT. steps is old school. really old school.

cast iron columns and beat-to-f*ck hardwood floors.

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