ariana sexton-hughes

this girl (i know)

i was in a very bad place when my dear friend, Zoey, recorded this brilliant recitation of “this girl (i know).” she should be a film star. her reading is breathtaking. i am forever grateful for her beautiful work.

for irina poulet

irina was a special soul taken far too soon. i asked a mutual friend, the exceptionally talented Zoey Funnell to recite this work dedicated to irina. anorexia kills.

a moment (to breathe)

this very, very special recording of “a moment to breathe” was recited by:

The “Self-Identified” Extraterrestrial Homosapien

the day before her electro-convulsive therapy in an australian hospital.

Sunday, the 18th of November 2012

a moment of strength

The “Self-Identified” Extraterrestrial Homosapien reads “a moment of strength” on “Day 1 of her Electro-Convulsive Therapy (1st ECT session of 6-12 [sessions] round of ECT sessions; 21st [right-unilateral electro-convulsive therapy] session in the past year); video includes showing off my outfit :P”
she is a brilliant, superstrong, amazing woman. my words barely do here reading justice.

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